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How to Shop for the Perfect Suit

How to Shop for the Perfect Suit

   We have all struggled to shop for a swimsuit. Browsing endless websites from overseas companies or sifting through racks with no clear guidance or idea of what you are even looking at. It can be overwhelming and ultimately discouraging trying to navigate through limited styles that almost always only cater to what is categorized as the “ideal body type” and size charts that almost always contrast in information. So how do you really find the perfect suit for you? By following a few simple steps, you can be sure you will find the perfect suit for your beach vacation, Mediterranean cruise, or just summer days in your backyard. 

Step 1: Understand why you are purchasing a suit. Your reason for buying a new suit could be from anything to everything. So, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. Most importantly, how active will I be in this suit? Are you going to be running around the beach? Swimming laps around the pool? Playing water sports? Just lounging in the sun? Understanding why you are purchasing a suit will determine the style you choose. And this basically translates to the SUPPORT of a suit you need. Yes, we may all be tempted to buy that super cute itsby-bitsy teeny bikini but if you won’t be comfortable and secure in it all day then how often will you really wear it? 

Step 2: Get an (expert) opinion. There is nothing easier to do when shopping for a suit than asking for help. A store associate will have extended knowledge and experience on each style and what that style might have to offer you. How it fits, how it will hug your body, what styles can be paired with it or how the suit can be accessorized are just a few questions that an expert can give helpful insight with. Even a friend could guide you in the route of which style or colour looks best on you. Shopping for a suit can be very intimidating and some of us are shyer than others, but you will never regret asking for help, especially when the result can provide you with so much joy and confidence.

Step 3: Choosing a style. Now you know why you are a buying a suit so it`s time to choose a style that will cater to your level of activity. If you are planning to do minimal activity for sun bathing or a casual summer event, your options are endless. You can go with any range of styles based on personal preference. Barely there string styles, tube tops or one shoulder pieces, you can be more creative and pretty if you`re planning to be more fashion forward and grab a couple pics in these suits! Planning to be more active? Or maybe you have a larger chest that needs support. In this case, you might want to consider a suit that offers support and is adjustable. A halter, bra mimicking, or scoop neck suit might be better suited for you. Be sure to read the products description as there should be indications on support level there. 

Other than support, you may be looking for a style ranging somewhere on the spectrum of revealing to conservative. Easy way to think of this is the more fabric, the more conservative. String styles are going to be your suit with the least amount of coverage. A higher waisted bottom with a lower cut leg, and of course a one piece will give you coverage and comfort. No one should have to hide their body; however, we understand every woman has insecurities. Different cut styles and level of support can flatter your body type, hide insecurities and provide the confidence everyone should have in a swim suit.

Step 4: How to choose your size. There is nothing more frustrating than reading a size chart and trying to understand where you land on it. More often than not you are going to land in-between sizes. Even more importantly, how does one measure themselves? Sizing, rather than choosing a style is the most difficult part of swim suit shopping. So, what do you do? First, watch a video on how to correctly measure your body so you aren’t playing the guessing game. Here at Ūnika, we have a fitting video that will guide you where and how to measure the different areas of your body necessary for sizing.

Once you have your measurements, see where this lands you on the size chart. If you`re borderline between two sizes, we recommend sizing up. This usually won`t make a dramatic difference in how the suit looks on you but it most certainly won’t be too snug. 

Step 5: Selecting a colour. Now this is the fun part! You have selected your style, you have figured out the perfect size for you and now all that is left is to choose a colour or pattern. For this step, it is helpful to know the colours that compliment your skin tone (which usually mimic the clothes in your closet so start there!) What colours do you wear most often? For these colours, maybe choose a shade that you don’t have yet but still in the realm of your favourite colour. New colour options are usually ones that are new in style that might be a fun choice instead of colours you see offered in every season or collection.

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